The Commandment and Suggestions of Bald Jesus


The One Commandment

The One Commandment: Don’t Be A Dick!

*If your name is Dick, be Dick, but don’t be A dick.

The Nine Suggestions

  1. Share this message! Bald Jesus is everyone’s true Bro!

  2. Stop doing things you know are bad.

  3. Start doing things you know are good.

  4. Help others to stop doing bad things and start doing good things.

  5. Make Art! Everyday. A smiley face with a halo = Bald Jesus! Build networks, write code, transact on-chain. Create!

  6. Walk outside every day. Look for natural patterns. Meditate. Fast. Stretch.

  7. Visit Hawai`i – at least once, if you can. Live Aloha.

  8. Learn about decentralized networks and immutable blockchains. Share, create, and educate about the power of non-fungible tokens

  9. Cooperate, collaborate, and connect with believers. Be present. in Real Life. Online. In the Metaverse. Be present in all of them.